John Macomber of Taunton


The old tradition concerning "three brothers" who came to America seems to be verified in the case of the Macombers, for William was in Duxbury in 1638; Thomas in Plymouth in 1643; and John in Taunton in 1643.  No descendants of Thomas havebeen found.  Those of William are numerous.  The descendants of John are traced here.

John Macomber was admitted as a freeman and enrolled in themilitia of Taunton in 1643.  He was granted permission to build a mill in Taunton in 1659.  There were then four persons in his family, and there is no record of more.  The name of his first wife has not been learned.  He married, 7 Jan. 1686, as his second wife, Mary Babcock.  He was in a military company in 1680.  He was living in 1687, as shown by a deed.  Another deed shows that he died before 1690.  He was a carpenter by trade. His property was equally divided between a daughter, Mary Staples, and a son, John Macomber.

John Macomber, 2d, signed a deed with his father in 1672,showing that he was then of age.  He served in military companies in 1690 and 1700 and also, in Queen Anne's War in 1691. He married, 16 July 1678, Anna Evans, daughter of William and Ann (Hailstone) Evans of Taunton.

William Evans was enrolled in the militia of Taunton in 1643and took the oath of fidelity there in 1657.  He married Ann Hailstone, probably daughter of William Hailstone, who was one of the first purchasers of Taunton in 1637 and was living there in 1672.  The inventory of the estate of William Evans was made 16 Sept. 1671.  He left daughters Mary and Anna.

June 28, 1723, John Macomber, "oldest of that name in Taunton," and Anna his wife sold to their son Thomas land in Taunton on "Mill River,"-See County Records at Taunton, XVI.51.

Jan. 5, 1724-5, Anna Macomber, "for good cause," sold to person Thomas land in Taunton.  Her husband was then dead. The rights of her grandsons, Abiel and. William, are protected in this deed.  See Deeds at Taunton, XVI.52.

July 7, 1725, Anna Macomber, widow, sold to her son Thomas all undivided lands descended to her from her father, William Evans deceased and from her mother Ann Hailstone deceased. See Deeds at Taunton, XVI.I78.

March 20, 1681, Mary and Anna Evins, heirs of William Evins deceased, sold land to J. French for sixty pounds.  Following the date the deed says, "It is always to be understood that though the above said Anna is Anna Macomber by her marrying of John Macomber, Jr., but when this above said bargaine was made her name was Anna Evins." See Deeds at Taunton, XXVII.128.

Jan. 29, 1700-1, John Macomber, "son of John Macomber late of Taunton deceased," sold land to Nathan Walker.-See deeds at Taunton, XVI-326.

Dec. 6, 1721, John Macomber sold to his son Samuel for L3OO the house that Samuel was living in, also other lands except one tract lying within the bounds of said lands known as the "old Beaver dam," also one-half his right in the saw mill on said land, also "1/4 of a purchase right in the old township of Taunton," also one-half his right in Middleboro 16 shilling purchase.  See Deeds at Taunton, XIV.84.

Feb. 15, 1724-5, John Macomber and Samuel Macomber quit-claimed to Thomas Macomber all right to their father John Macomber's property other than that which he had given them by deed.  See Deeds at Taunton, XVI-47.

The will of John Macomber is dated 22 Jan. 1721-2 and was probated 21 Oct. 1725.  In it he names wife, children Thomas, John, William and Samuel, and grandchildren Abiel, William, Anna and Sarah.  John Macomber is mentioned as deceased in a deed dated 5 Jan. 1724-5.  His four sons lived in Taunton.

3. THOMAS b. 30 July 1679; m. Mary ___________.

4. JOHN b. 18 March 1681; m. Elizabeth Williams.

5. WILLIAM b. 31 Jan. 1684; m. Sarah Hollaway.

6. SAMUEL b. ____________; m. Sarah Pierce.



Thomas MACOMBER (John2, John1), born 30 July 1679, was a physician in Taunton, Mass. July 8, 1736, Thomas Macomber of Taunton deeded to his oldest son, Stephen, land at "Neck of Land," also his homestead on Mill River and a lot in PineSwamp.  His will, dated 7 June 1766, was probated 26 Feb. 1776. It names wife Mary and children Stephen, John, James, Mercy Willis, and Hannah Woodward.  "Old Granny Macomber" died in Taunton 3 April 1775.

7- STEPHEN b.________; m. 4________1738, Abigail Robinson.

8. JOHN b. 20 June 1719; m. Abigail Padelford.

9. JAMES b.________1726; m. Ruth Williams, (2) Hannah Simmons.

   MERCY b.____ ___; m.(1) Matthew Cummings, 11 July 1740; (2) Samuel Willis 4 June 1746.

         HANNAH b.______ ____; m. Josiah Woodward of Norton,Mass.  He was born in 1711 and died 5 Jan. 1771.


John Macomber, Taunton, was impressed as a soldier in Queen Anne's War 22 Dec. 1701, and again 26 June 1711.  He married (1) 17 March 1707, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Rogers) Williams, who was born in Taunton 18 April 1686, and died 2 May 1732.  She was granddaughter of Richard Williams, called the "Father of Taunton," whose wife was Frances, daughter of John and Jane (Basset) Deighton; also granddaughter of John and Ann (Churchman) Rogers and great-granddaughter of Thomas Rogers who came in the Mayflower.

John Macomber married (2), 12 July 1733, in Raynham, Mass., Mrs. Lydia (King) Williams, widow of Nathaniel Williams.  She died 31 March 1748.  John Macomber died in Taunton, Mass., 14 Dec. 1747.

His will, dated 28 Dec. 1742, was probated 5 April 1748. It names wife Lydia and children Nathaniel, Josiah, John, James, Elijah, Joseph, Elizabeth Rounsevill, Abia and Anna.  His son Elijah inherited the homestead in East Taunton.

Jan. 5, 1732, John Macomber of Taunton deeded to his son Nathaniel one-third of his home farm, one comer being at the saw mill.  The same day he gave to son Josiah one-third of the same farm'   The burial ground, where rest the early generations of Macombers, is on Staples Street not far from the Macomber farm.

The record of the family of John Macomber has been preserved in a branch of his descendants now living in Augusta, Maine.  It was, perhaps, copied from the records of Taunton before they were destroyed by fire in 1848.  His children, all by the first marriage, were:

10. NATHANIEL b. 9 Feb. 1709; m. Priscilla Southworth.

11.  JOSIAH b. 19 Feb. 1711; m. Ruth Paul.

12.  JOHN b. 10 Feb. 1713; m. Elizabeth Phinney.

           ELIZABETH b. 15 March 17I5; m. Wm.  Rounsevill, (2)Wm. Ashley.

13.  JAMES b. 12 Sept. 17I7; m. Rachel Drake.

14.  ELIJAH b. 25 Oct. 1718; m. Judith Williams.

           MARY b. 30 July 1721 ; not named in will, 1742.

           ABIAH b. 8 June 1724; m. Israel Dean; d. s. p.

           ANNAH b. 2 Jan. 1726; m. John Smith.  Pub. 12 Aug. 1749.  8 ch.

15.  JOSEPH b. 28 March 1732; m. Thankful Canedy.



WILLIAM MACOMBER (john2, John1), born in Taunton 31 Jan.1683; married, 3 January 1705-6, Sarah Holloway.  He was impressed as a soldier 7 June 1711. He died about 1715, and there is no later record of his wife.  His father's will names four children of his son William, viz., Abiel, William, Anna and Sarah.  Dec. 3, 1760, there was a division of land left by Elizabeth Willimns, wife of Jonathan Williams and daughter of Thomas Leonard, Esq., late of Taunton, between her children, one of whom was Abiah, wife of Abiel Macomber.-See Deeds at Taunton, XLVII.17.

March 20, 1730-1, Sarah Macomber, daughter of William Macomber deceased, above fourteen years of age" chose her brother Abiel for guardian to act in settlement of her father's estate and of her brother William's estate, who died in testate without issue.

Sept. 8, 1735, Jonathan Hoar petitioned the court to appoint a guardian for his daughter Anna, who was then seven years old and had a claim on the estate of John Macomber through her mother.

The children of William and Sarah (Holloway) Macomber were:

  ABIEL m. 3 May 1733, Abiah, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Leonard) Williams. He died about 1735, probably s. p. His widow died 13 Jan. 1782, in her 69th year.

  WILLIAM d. s. p. before 20 March 1730-1.

  ANNA m. Jonathan Hoar. Daughter Anna, b. 1729, m. 14 June 1744, Seth Hodges.

  SARAH, minor over 14, unmarried 20 March, 1730-1; perhaps m. 11 April 1734, Judah Chase of Swansea, Mass.


SAMUEL MACOMBER (John2, John1), born in Taunton, appears as grantee and grantor of land in Taunton from 1721 to 1734. He was probably living in 1754, when Samuel Macomber, Jr., of Berkeley, received a deed of land in Rehoboth. He probably married Sarah, dau. of Isaac and Alice (Chartley?) Pierce of Middleborough. Isaac Pierce, born in 1661, died in Lakeville, Mass., 28 Feb. 1731-2, in the 71st year of his age, son of Abraham and Abigail (Peterson) Pierce and grandson of Abraham Pierce of Plymouth. His will, 1722, names a daughter, Sarah Macomber, who can be accounted for only as wife of Samuel Macomber.

The following were probably children of Samuel Macomber. There may have been also daughters.

16. SAMUEL b. about 1721; m. Zipporah Crane, 5 April 1750.

     17. Job b. —— 1728; m. Hannah Woodward.



STEPHEN MACOMBER (Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, married 4 , 1738, Abigail, daughter Of Increase and Mehitable (Williams) Robinson and lived in Taunton. His will,dated 6 July 1787, was probated 27 Nov.. 1797. It names the following children:

18. GEORGE b. 2 July 1751; m.(1)Amittia ___________; (2)Susannah Soper.

      19. JONATHAN b. 5 April 17533; m. Lydia Andrews, 8 Aug.1775.

      20. STEPHEN b._____ ; m. Linthe Macomber, 4 Nov. 1766.

          PHEBE b.____ ; unmarried in 1792; perhaps m. Darius Caswell of Taunton, 9 June 1804.

          ABIGAIL b.______; m. Henry Jones of Dighton, 3 Jan.1770.


JOHN MACOMBER (Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 20 June 1719, married Abigail Padelford and lived in Taunton. She died 15 Aug. 1793, as her tombstone shows. Tile Providence Chronicle says she died in her 71st year. Children:

21. EBENEZER b._______; 1751; m.Abigail Packard, 6 March 1784.

      22. NATHAN b. 15 Oct. 1752; in. Mary Read.

          Ira b._________. Unm. Tradition says he was killed in battle in the Revolutionary War.

      23. RUFUS b._______, 1758; m. Bathsheba Hathaway, 19 Jan. 1796.

          MARY b._________; m. Amos Allen, 24 March, 1767.

      24. JOHN b. t8 May 1760; m. Mary Dean.

          HULDAH b._____ _____ 1766; m. Philip Hathaway, 15 Nov. 1791 ; d. s. p. 16 Aug. 1807.

          LYDIA b_____________; m. (1)_____ Chaffee, (2) Samuel Godfrey.

          Abigail b._____ _______; m. Philip Dean of Taunton.


JAMES MACOMBER (Thomas3, John2, John1) born in Taunton in 1726, married, 13 May 1760, Mrs. Ruth (Reed) Williams, daughter of George and Sarah (Whitmarsh) Reed and widow of Joshua Williams. She was born 3 Nov. 1727 and died 10 Oct. 1770. He married (2) June 1772, Hannah, daughter of Oliver Simmons of Dighton, Mass., who died 21 May 1811, aged 74 years. He died in Taunton 20 Jan. 1820, aged ~ years. Four children by first marirage and three by second:

          ZILPAH b.____ ______ 1761; m. 30 Oct. 1781, Dyer Pratt;d. 29 Sept. 1830.

25. JOSHUA WILLIAMS b. 1763; m. Deliverance Hart, 26 Feb. 1789.

          MARY b. 27 Aug. 1765; m. 22 Oct. 1788, Solomon Bates of Hanover, Mass.; d. 1853 in Fayette, Me.

          RUTH b. 1770; m. Israel Dean.

26. JAMES b. 3 July 1773; m. Sarah Martindale, 14 Mch. 1811.

          HANNAH b. April 1775; m. Samuel Staples, Jr., 9 Feb. 1800.

      27. THOMAS b. 20 June 1778; m. Nancy Stevens, 4 Jan. 1801.


NATHANIEL MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 9 Feb. 1709, married, 13 Nov. 1735, Priscilla, daughter of Ichabod and Esther (Hodges) Southworth of Middieborough, Mass. She was descended from James Chilton who came in the Mayflower. He was a deacon in the Congregational Church. His tombstone in Lakeville, Mass., says that he died 10 Nov.1787, in the 79th year of his age. His wife, born 11 Feb. 1709-10, died 30 Oct. 1793, in the 84th year of her age. Children according to an old family record:

28. JOB b. 3 Nov. 1737; m. Abigail Pitts.

29. GEORGE b. 7 July 1740; m. Susannah Paul.

      30. NATHANIEL b. 22 July 1742; m. Bathsheba Godfrey.

      31. ICHABOD b. 13 May 1745; m. Rachel Hall.

          EZRA b. 3 Oct. 1747; d. 27 Sept. 1756.

          JOHN b. 18 Aug. I750; d. 12 Oct. 1756.


JOSIAH MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 19 Feb. 1711, married, 29 Nov. 1736, Ruth, daughter of Benjamin and Ruth ( ) Paul of Berkley, Mass. He was commissioned Lieut. in the militia of Taunton in 1762. He died in Taunton 18 Nov. 1801, in the 91st year of his age. His wife born 4 Feb. 1711, died 19 Sept. 1791. Children:

          BETSEY b. 14 Oct. 1737; m. Samuel Haskell of Middleborough, 20 June 1765; d. 3 Sept. 1825 at N. Brookfield.

       32. ABIEL b. 1738; m. Phebe Dean.

           RUTH b. 1743; d. 8 Oct. 1756.

           REBECCA b. 1750; m. Joseph Goodwin of Dighton, Mass.,21 Sept. 1769.


JOHN MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 10 Feb. 1713, married 27 Jan. 1746, Elizabeth Phinney of Middleborough. He lived in Middleborough, where he was a deacon in the church. He is called “Dr. John Macomber” in a deed. He died 9 Nov. 1774. His wife died 14 Jan. 1775, aged 48 years. Both are buried at the “Old Pond Cemetery” in Lakeville, Mass. In 1775 Job Macomber was made guardian of the children of John Macomber of Middleborough, viz., John, Samuel, Cyrus,Enoch, and Elizabeth, minors, the last three being under fourteen years of age. The division of estate in 1779 names also a daughter Mary and a daughter Abiah, wife of Benjamin Reed. See Plymouth Probate Records, Vols. XXII. and XXIII.

          ABIAH b._______; m. Benjamin Reed, 23 Oct. 1768.

33. JOHN b.________; m. Eleanor Pierce of Rochester, Mass., 21 Oct. 1779.

      34. SAMUEL b.________; m. Phebe Pierce of Rochester, 17 March 1779.

          MARY b._________; m. Daniel Weston, 27 Nov. 1788.

          ELIZABETH b._______ ; m. Lt. John Townsend, Jr. 30 Oct. 1777.

      35. CYRUS b._________; m. prob. 24 Sept. 1796 in Shutesbury, Mass., Sarah Hoar of New Salem, Mass.

      36. ENOCH b._________; m. Tabitha Raymond, 22 Oct. 1795.


JAMES MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 12 Sept. 1717, married, 4 Feb. 1747, Rachel Drake, dau. of James and Miriam, of Weymouth and Brookfield, Mass., and lived in Berkley, Mass. He died 31 Dec. 1803. His wife died 9 Dec. 1809, aged 83 years.

          LINTHE b. 10 Jan. 1749; m. Stephen Macomber, 4 Nov.1766.

37. ELIJAH b. 25 Jan. 1750-51; m. Zilpah Thrasher, 20 June 1775.

          JAMES b. 18 Aug. 1753; seaman in the Navy 14 Sept. 1780, aged 27. Not named in father’s will, 1797.

          JOSIAH b. 1 March 1757; m. Abigail Briggs of Berkley,30 March 1784. Revolutionary soldier. Wife died 26 April1785, aged 21 years. He became non compos mentis and received a pension after 1818.

          MIRIAM b. ~ Nov. 1760; m. 17 Nov. 1793, Ezra Briggs of Berkley, his third wife. 3 ch.

          ELEANOR b. 3 Aug. 1763; m. 27 Sept. 1785, Capt. Joseph Sanford of Berkley; d. 12 Aug. 1845.

38. VENUS b. 12 Jan. 1775; m. Welthea Pierce, 25 June 1797.


ELIJAH MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), born in Taunton 25 Oct. 1718, married (1) 10 Feb. 1742, Judith, daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (King) Williams, who died 1 Oct. 1743, in her 23d year, (2) Sarah Pitts, who died 30 May 1810 in her 82d year. He died 3 Feb; 1802 in his 84th year. They are buried in a cemetery on Staples Street, between Precinct and East Taunton. In his will, dated 18 Jan. 1802, he gave fifty dollars to “Elijah Macomber, son of my brother Joseph Macomber late of Middleborough, deceased.” He was Captain in the militia in 1772. Children:

   JUDITH, died 6 Oct. 1770, aged 16 years.

         BETSEY b. 1756; m. Dr. Philip Padelford of Taunton; d. 1849.

         JANE b. 1760; d. 15 March 1801. Unm.

         SARAH b. 17 Aug. 1763; m. 24 March 1803, Joseph Atwood of Dighton; d. 30 Oct. 1863, aged 104 years.


LT. JOSEPH MACOMBER (John3, John2, John1), was born in Taunton 28 March 1732: His mother died five weeks after his birth. He married, i6 March 1762, Thankful, daughter of Capt.William and Elizabeth (Eaton) Canedy of Taunton, Mass.Through her mother she was descended from Francis Eaton,Samuel Fuller and John Billington, all of the Mayflower.

Joseph Macomber appears with rank of Corporal in Captain Thomas Cobb’s Co., Col. John Winslow’s Regiment, engaged for the defence of the eastern Frontiers. Mustered at Castle Island, 21 June 1754.—Mass. Archives, Vol. 93, p. 140.

He appears on a muster roll dated 31 Jan. 1759 of a company of foot in his Majesty’s service under Capt. Job Winslow in Cot. Jedediah Preble’s Regiment, raised by the province of Massachusetts Bay for the reduction of Canada. Town, Taunton, quality, first Lieut. Entered service 13 March and served till 13 Nov.Length of service 8 Mos. 22 days. Days travel, 15.—Mass. Archives, Vol. 96, p. 472.

He appears on a muster roll dated Boston, Dec. 13, 1760, of acompany in his Majesty’s service under command of Capt. John Taplin. Quality, Lieut. Residence, Taunton. Entered service Mar. 31, 1759. Served until Nov. 21, 1760. Length of service, 21 months, 14 days. Company at Fort Cumberland.—Mass.Archives, Vol. 98, p. 213.

He appears in a list of officers and privates brought as passengers on board the sioop “Prosperous,” John Bragdon, master, from Fort Cumberland Chignecto to Boston. Rank, Lieut. Account of Bragdon for the passage. money dated Nov. 24, 1760.—Mass. Archives, Vol. 97, p. 434 A

Joseph Macomber was Lieut. in Capt. Abiel Pierce’s Companyof Minute Men, that responded to the “Alarm,” 19 April 1775. Time of service, two days. He was Sergeant in Capt. Levi Rounsevill’s Company, Col. D. Brewer’s Regiment, enlisting 5 May 1775 and serving three months and four days. He was commisisoned Lieut. in Capt. Edward Seagrovy’s Company, ,3th Regiment, commanded by Col. Joseph. Read, 8 Jan. 1776, by order of Congress, signed by John Hancock, President. So read his commission, which I remember distinctly to have seen. It was preserved for more than a century in the family of his grandson, Leonard Macomber of Durham, Maine, but was accidentally destroyed.

A deed at Plymouth, Mass., dated 25 Feb. 1800, shows where Joseph Macomber lived. “Joseph Macomber and Elijah Macomber 2d and Abraham Miller and Thankful Miller his wife and Isaac Thomas 2d and Judith Thomas his wife and Olive Macomher, Loraney Macomber and Hannah Macomber, and all of the town of Middleborough—to William Rounsville of Middleborough certain property known as Assawampsett Neck, land we own as heirs to our deceased father Joseph Macomber by name,— all the aforesaid forty-fifth and forty-sixth lots we hold as heirs to our deceased mother Thankful Macomber by name,” to have and to hold, etc.,—”and that part of the 28th and 29th lots of  land that our deceased father holds by deed under the hand and seal of Benjamin Booth deceased.”

Joseph Macomber lived in that part of Middleborough which in now Lakeville, on a neck of land between two lakes. The house in which he and also his son Joseph lived is still standing. He and his wife and daughter, Lurana (Sanderson), are buried in the “Old Pond Cemetery,” on the border of the lake in Lakeville. The tombstone of his wife is broken and the inscription can not be read. The inscription on his tombstone is as follows:

In memory of

Lieut. Joseph Macomber who

Died Janry 25 1800

in his 68th year.

Joseph Macomber’s children are recorded on the leaf of an old diary, still preserved and in the possession of the writer of this. The record seems to have been made by himself between the years 1780 and 1788. It may have been brought from Middleboroughto Durham, Me., in an old writing-desk still kept.

39. JOSEPH b. 8 Sept. 1762; m. Alethea Robinson.

          THANKFUL b. 21 Jan. 1764; m. 5 July 1795 Abraham Miller; d. s. p. in Middleborough, 17 June 1853.

          BETSEY b. 24 March 1765; d. 28 Aug. 1784.

          NATHAN b. 2 Feb. 1767; d. 10 Aug. 1788.

40. ELIJAH b. 14 Oct. 1770; m. Eliza Swett.

          JUDITH b. 24 Aug. 1772; m. 27 Aug. 1795, Isaac Thomas 2d.

          OLIVE b. 20 March 1774; m. io April 1802, Gamaliel Samson. Said to have died in Mesopotamia, Ohio.

          LURANA b. 19 Feb. 1778; m. Phineas Sanderson; d. 29 Sept. 1851.

          HANNAH b. 23 May 1780; d. unm. 28 March 1827. A Quaker preacher.


SAMUEL MACOMBER (Samuel3, John2, John1), barn in Taunton about 1721, is called Samuel Jr. of Berkley in 1754. He married,5 April 1750, Zipporah, daughter of John and Hannah (________ )Crane of Berkley, Mass., and lived in Rehoboth, Mass. He died 17 March, 1774, in the 53d year of his age. His wife died 14 Sept. 1814, in her 86th year. He was a shoemaker by trade. His will, dated 22 Oct. 1773, was probated i8 April 1774. It names wife Zipporah and following children:

          SARAH bapt. in Berkley 24 Feb. 1750-51 ;m. 3 Feb. 1774 Pentecost Blackington of Rehoboth.

41. JOHN bapt. in Berkley 5 July 1752; m. Olive Shepardson.

      42. LEMUEL b. 15 April 1754; m. Tabitha Capron.

    LYDIA b.____________; m. 30 April 1772 Paul Sanford of Attleborough, Mass.


JOB MACOMBER (Samuel3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, was a shoemaker there in 1749. He is called “boatman” in 1757 and 1774. He seems to have fallen into financial difficulties, and various pieces of land owned by him were seized by the sheriff and sold. He sold his homestead in Taunton, z6 July 1774. His wife was Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Fisher) Woodward of Norton, Mass. Published i July 1758. She was born 6 Dec. 1741. He was a revolutionary soldier for the town of Warwick, Mass., in 1780. He enlisted for three years, and several previous enlistments are recorded. His age was given as 52 years in 1780. The death of Job Macomber is recorded in Warwick, Mass., 17 Nov. i8t6. He is called Captain in 1791.

Dec. 21, 1772, Joseph Woodward of Norton relinquished to Samuel Macomber, Thomas Macomber, and Job Macomber, minors, sons of Job Macomber of Taunton, for five pounds, his right in dwelling and land lately bought of said Job, in Taunton, only reserving to,said Job the use and improvement of said premises during his life. His children, then, so far as known, were:

           SAMUEL, living in Orange, Mass., in 1816, with wife Betsey.

           THOMAS, died in Taunton 21 June 1776.

           JOB, living in Orange, Mass., in 1820.

           HANNAH, named in a deed, 1777. Pub. in Barre, Mass., 9 Aug. 1825, Daniel Bailey and Mercy McCumber of Orange. A woman named Macomber died at the town farm in Orange about 1845, aged 100 years.


GEORGE MACOMBER (Stephen4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born 2 July 1751, has the following family, except the last two,recorded in Taunton. A first wife, Amittia, died 18 July 1777, in the 21st year of her age. Tombstone in Taunton. He m.2) June 1780, Susanna, daughter of Capt. Oliver and Ruth Staples) Soper. In early life be was a sea-captain. In 1797 with his whole family he moved to Utica, N. Y., where he died 5 April 1813. His wife, born i Aug. 1764, died 9 Apr. 1813.— See Pioneers of Utica, p. 74.

          GEORGE b. 11 March 1781 at 5 P.M.

          AMITY H. b. 10 Sept. 1782 at 8 A.M.

          DAUGHTER b. 14 May 1784; d. 30 May 1784.

          SUSANNAH b. 18 Sept. 1785 at 2 A.M.; m. Abner Brownell Jan.1808.

          LEWIS b. 1 Oct. 1786 at 7 A.M.

          ABIGAIL b. 25 Oct. 1789 at 6 P.M.; m. Charles Smith 29 Oct.1809; d. 16 Aug. 1834.

          HORACE H. b. 25 Dec. 1791 at 9 A.M.

          CALVIN E. b. 16 Jan. 1794 at 11 A.M.

          STEPHEN BLANCHARD b. 20 May 1796 at 1 A.M.

          SALLY S. b. 5 Aug. 1799.

          DAVID D. b. 10 Aug. 1804; m. Esther White.


JONATHAN MACOMBER (Stephen4, Thomas3, John2, John1),born in Taunton 5 April 1753, married, 8 Aug. 1775, Lydia,daughter of Lt. Samuel and Abigail (Cobb) Andrews. He removed from Taunton to Conway, Mass., in the summer of 1809,where he died 30 Sept. 1834. His wife was born 17 May 1749 and died 29 Feb. 1814. Children:

43. CHARLES b. 30 June 1784; m. Fannie Godfrey, 17 Dec.1807.

44. JONATHAN b. 22 Aug. 1792; m. Lydia Bacon, (2) Achsah Thatcher.

          LYDIA b. 17 March, 1776; m. Seth Crossman, z Dec. 1788.

          DOWIN b. 26 July 1778; d. 14 Sept. 1780.

          JONATHAN b. 22 Oct. 1781; d. 12 Sept. 1792.

          NANCY b. 3 Nov. 1786.

          JULIA b. 12 July, 1790; d. 23 July 1791.

          FANNIE b. 6 Sept. 1795; m.______ Loveridge.


STEPHEN MACOMBER (Stephen4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, Mass., married, 4 Nov. 1766, Linthe, dau. of James and Rachel (Drake) Macomber. He was a shipwrigbt and was drowned in Taunton River, at the Neck of Land Bridge. Children:

45. PHILIP b. 5 Aug. 1779; m. Mehitable Hood, 16 Jan. 1806.

          CLARINDA, died 31 Aug. 1808, aged 24 years.

          SINAH b.________; m. Israel Briggs, 21 March 1791.

          LINTHE b.___________ 1781; m. Phineas Page. Lived inPittsfield, Mass. She d. at age of 79.


EBENEZER MACOMBER (John4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton in 1751, married, 6 March 1784, at Providence, R. I., Abigail, dau. of Nathaniel Packard. He was a Colonel in the Revolutionary Army. He kept a tavern many years in Brooklyn, N.Y. He died 5 April 1829, aged 76 years. Children so far as ascertained, the last three as conjectured:

          GEORGE, “oldest son,” d. at Larinum, W. I., 9 March 1811, in the 24th year of his age.

          ANN, d. in Providence, 16 Dec. 1862, aged 74 years. Unm.

          EBENEZER, d. 16 April 1815, in the 17th year of his age.

          EDWARD. He and William H. Macomber received deed of 8 acres of land in Providence from Ebenezer Macomber, 13 Jan. 1818. Isaac S., son of Edward Macomber, d. in Providence, 9 Sept. 1864, aged 36 years. Another son, , d. 22 Nov. 1853.


          ROBERT P. Witnessed a deed of land from Ebenezer to daughter Ann Macomber, in Providence, 1 April 1819. No record in Providence of disposition of any of these properties.  SAMUEL P. Samuel P. Macomber of Providence d. before 1820, leaving widow Ann H. of the city of Dury, Georgia, and only son George MacoMber, who is named in administration in 1828. His guardian was Edward Macomber.—See ProbateRecords at Boston, Mass. He m. Ann Fitz Patrick of Savannah,5 Feb. 1812.


NATHAN MACOMBER (John4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, Mass., 16 Oct. 1752; married — May 1772, Mary Read of Dighton, Mass. She was born Feb. 1760 and died 1 June 1833. He died 15 Oct. 1847 aged 96 years. Lived in Taunton.

        IRA b. 8 Aug. 1782; d. 27 May i866; m. April 1825, Abigail Read. Had dau. Abigail Angeline, who m. 26 Oct. i846, at age of 20, Samuel H. Whitmore of New Bedford. She d. at age of 65 yrs. 8 mos. 17 days.

    POLLY b. April 1786; d. Oct. 1829. Unm.

46. ASA ALLEN b. 3 July 1790; m. Hannah A. White, 6 Feb.1820.


RUFUS MACOMBER (John4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, Mass., in 1758, married, 19 Jan. 1796, Bathsheba, dau.of Col. John Hathaway of Berkley, Mass. He died 27 Dec. 1849, aged 83 years. She died 23 March 1841, in her 63d (or 68th) year. Children:

47. EBENEZER b. 10 Jan. 1797; in. Louisa Burt, 16 Nov. 1824.

          ROXANA b. 21 Sept. 1798; m. 24 March 1825, Lot Strange of Freetown; d. 27 Sept. 1858. He d. 24 Oct. 1852.

      48. RUFUS b. 23 May 1801; m. Ruby Green.

          BATHSHEBA b. 9 May 1803; m. Isaac Record.

      49.  JOHN HATHAWAY b. Nov. 1806; in. Prudence A. Pierce.

      50.  DANIEL b. 17 Oct. 1809; m. Mary Howland, 13 June 1836.


JOHN MACOMBER (John4, Thomas3, John2, John1), born in Taunton, Mass., 18 May 1760, married, 25 Aug. 1785, Mary dau.of Calvin Dean. He lived at Taunton, Oakham, Mass., and Westford, Vt. His wife, born 23 March 1767, died at Westford, Vt.,29 Nov. 1823. Both united with the Congregational Church there in 1821. He married (2) in Westford, 8 Dec. 1825, Betsey Robinson. He was a soldier in the Revolution, said to have been made deaf in the war. He died 11 Oct. 1841, as his tombstonedeclares in Westford, Vt. First four children born in Taunton,the rest in Oakham, Mass.

51. CALVIN DEAN b. 7 June 1786; m. Bethiah A. Carver.

          BETSEY b. 3 Sept. 1788; m. David Castle; d. at Westford, Vt., 13 Feb. i864. Ch., John, Philip and David.

          MARY b. 16 Aug. 1790; in. Samuel Thrasher, Jr. 14 March 1815. She d. 18 Jan. 1848.

          ABIGAIL G. b. 17 June 1792; m. 2 March 1831, Ephraim Heselton in Westford, Vt.; (2) Stevens. She d. 21 Aug. 1883.

          HARRIET b. 11 Feb. 1795; in. (1) Harvey Fales, 26 March 1816; (2) 11 Feb. 1845, Louis Howe at Oakham.

52. JOHN J. b. 11 Nov. 1796; m. Abigail F. Packard.

          LYDIA b. n Dec. 1798; d. 11 Sept. 1815.

          PLINY b. 13 Oct. 1800; d. 11 Dec. 1815.

          LEWIS b. 2 June 1803; d. 25 May 1825 at Millidgeville, Ga.

          PHILIP b. 15 Oct. 1805; d. 13 Dec. 1813.

      53. LUTHER b. 13 Dec. 1808; in. Eliza Crawford.

          SUMNER b. 17 June 1811; d. unm. in N. H.


JOSHUA WILLIAMS MACOMDER (James4, Thomas3, John2, John1),born in Taunton, Mass., in 1763, married, 26 Feb. 1789, Deliverance, dan. of James and Hannah (Crane) Hart. She was born 6 Feb. 1767 and died 28 May 1832. He died 16 March 1825, aged 62 years. He lived in Taunton. He had the following children and no grandchildren:

          JOSHUA b. 1790; d. 16 Feb. 1793.

          AMELIA b. 24 Feb. 1792; d. 31 Dec. 1859. Unm.

          JOSHUA b. 8 April 1794; d. 20 June 1822 at Savannah, Ga. Unm.

          BRADFORD b. 4 Dec. 1796; d. 4 Aug. 1866. He left $50,000,which was divided by court among 42 heirs.

          HARRIET M. b. 2 Aug. 1798; d. 24 Sept. 1857.

          JAMES b. 11 Nov. 1801; d. 18 Dec. 1844.

          HART b. 11 Nov. 1801; d. 23 April 1863.

          ALMIRA b. 3 Feb. 1803; d. 29 April 1866.